Relaxing Massage Techniques Students Can Do

Massage can help both a body and mind to a great extent. There is no doubt in its beneficial qualities. Though, there is always a danger to perform it wrongly, thus hurting a person you are willing to help. Fortunately, there are many different massage techniques that are easy to master. So don’t be discouraged! Massage can be such a rewarding experience, especially if done properly. It can relieve the maintained stress on your shoulders, ease the back pain, and relax the muscles on your neck that are so often cramped up during our day. All of these pains are no new to students who suffer greatly from stress and bad posture during long sitting hours. Here are a few relaxing massage techniques that any student can do.


Perhaps, one of the most common areas of discomfort is centered on our shoulders. This is where we are reaching when we have a long day at the desk. This is where all of our accumulated stress is storing. By massaging this area you can decrease your level of stress and anxiety, as well as tension in the neck and upper back. To massage shoulders right you need to start with your thumbs on an upper back with the rest of the fingers resting on the collar bones. Focus on making circular motions with your thumbs placing them below collar lines. Further, you can move both hands in such motions, softly massaging shoulders with fingers. For a better result, you can place both hands on one shoulder and continue with the same circular motions.


Our heads are another stress storage that often troubles us. Receiving a head massage can be an extremely pleasant experience. It literally takes away all our worries and anxieties. To do the massage right you need to move carefully and slowly. Start with your palms flat on the sides of a head, next to ears. Slowly move your hands to the top of the head, maybe with some small circular movements with your fingers. Once at the top, let go and lower your hands back to a different area. Repeat those movements over the sculpt. When all areas are massaged in this manner you may do some circular rubbing motions only with your fingers, as though you are washing hair. Remember, no hard or strong movement here. Being gentle in your hands and fingers is key. This should relax and calm a person, leaving them in a much brighter mood.


Foot massage is a rare but luxurious treat. Such massage is great for those who spend most of their days on their feet. Our feet are also responsible for a lot of health issues, such as stress, headaches, and insomnia. A good massage can reduce such distresses. Who can think of anything but pleasure and relief while having a foot massage? There is no room for worrying about homework, essay writing assistance, class schedule, and so on. This is the time to relax and enjoy. First, start with your open palm and glide it over one foot then another. Repeat it several times. After, hold one foot with your both hands and massage the top and middle of the foot with your thumbs. With feet you can go a little bit harder, applying more power through your fingers. Use some massage oils for more comfort. Such circular motions by thumbs will bring great relief and relaxation.