Slavic Massage

Slavic Massage has been practised for hundred of years by the Slavic people of Central Asia and Eastern Europe. It can be traced to the nomads who roamed from the Pacific to the Baltic and who used this technique daily for themselves and their precious horses. It played a vital part in helping man and beast cope with the rigours of their harsh lives. Today, it is considered by many to be one of the most ancient and effective forms of massage/aromatherapy treatment, with the emphasis on relaxation.

Slavic Massage was introduced to the UK by leading aromatherapist, Jan Kusmirek. In this massage the therapist focuses on the client as a whole. Warm oils are drizzled on the body, and through very slow, rhythmical movements an almost meditative state is induced. The therapist follows the body contours with nurturing care, using Slavic Massage movements to stimulate and relax. This technique is highly effective at reducing anxiety/stress and so at boosting the immune system. It is claimed that it helps “bring a balance of natural life energy in the body” , improves flexibility, and reduces pain and tension.

Benefits of Slavic Massage: