Volcán de Fuego Eruption

Iam writing to you in a time of need. As you know, the past few days have been very catastrophic for your country with Volcán de Fuego erupting. My name is Maddie Watson and I come to you as a representation of all people affected. Your citizens are in a serious time of need and I am here to inform you and ask for help to support these people on the distressing danger they are in. As you know, this eruption occurred on June 3rd, and hasn’t stopped spewing hot gases, rocks, and ash. Many towns are completely covered is ash and debris. If you want to know more about, the best place to read extraessay review is this site. 

Places like El Jute, Las Lajas, Alotenango, and Antigua are experiencing the worst of it, along with the northwestern area of the volcano , because that is where the wind is blowing. No one was prepared for the sudden eruption, as gases raced down the volcano at hundreds of miles per hour, much faster than cars. So far, a total of 3,200 people have been evacuated out of the approximately 9,500 people in the way of the volcano’s fury. Many people in the volcano’s path are impoverished or homeless. A staggering 59% of people in your country are impoverished half of those people are in extreme poverty, and don’t have enough money for the proper intake of food each day. That is almost 10 million people. 10 million people can’t afford cars, have a steady job or enough money to support their family, and in some cases, can’t even get food. Although your country is providing temporary shelters after the volcano’s eruption, for many homeless people this is the first shelter they’ve been in.

Also, for many impoverished people, they had no way to escape the volcano. Since the people don’t have cars, they must run away from the death behind them on foot. Children whose parents are impoverished are dying innocently. Something must be done for these poor families. I have a couple of proposals to save these people. First, I think that you should lower taxes for those that are impoverished. IN 2001, you made a law that increases taxes from 10% to 12%. This increase has hit impoverished people the hardest. If you lover taxes for people under the poverty line, it can help them afford transportation to get out of horrible situations like an eruption. Another idea is to put more government money into making more jobs with a higher pay for people.

Weather that be government jobs or agricultural jobs, many people will have an escape from poverty. Again, this way they have a better chance at surviving a natural disaster. I want to thank you for reading this letter and taking into consideration my ideas. I think that you will find that your country won’t be impacted as much if you decrease poverty. I wish your country the best of luck with helping the victims of the volcano and I hope that you will give it your all to take away the misery from these people’s lives.